Jose Salguero

My name is Jose Salguero, born in Sevilla (Spain), but currently working and living in Berlin.

I am a software engineer specialized in web application development with in Java and Javascript, fellow adept to UX design practices and A/B testing. Eager to learn and apply new cutting edge technologies and methodologies. Well organized, proactive, problem solving oriented and able to work under pressure. I enjoy working international environments and providing a good team spirit. Particularly interested in high availability web development, user interfaces, high performance applications and mobile applications

About me


My blog, where I write down the day to day things that I'm sure I won't remember the next time I need them again

Feel free to drop me a message below, or, if you prefer, contact me through the Twitter, Google+ and Github links on the right.



  • Freelance

    Full JS engineer at Medianode, developing a media marketing campaign planning platform (Ember.js, Express.js, MongoDB)

    Working on E2E testing for Vandebron new platform (Angular.js, Protractor, Sauce Labs)

  • Senior Web Developer at Groupon, Berlin

    Working in the main web application managing high availability in more than 40 countries

    Developing and maintaining the main platform (Stripes, Apache Tomcat, JQuery, PostgreSQL, Memcache)

    Working in the tracking and A/B testing component for the platform (Coffeescript, Java, Splunk)

    Creating base structure for integrated UI testing (JBehave, Selenium Grid)

    Developing internal tools (Ember.js, jQuery, Scala)

  • Software Engineer at SICPA Solutions, Lausanne

    Taking part in different modules of a track and trace solutions. Responsibilities included:

    Technical lead for web module responsible of master data management, ordering process and reporting services (JBoss Seam, JBoss 5 AS)

    Developing and optimizing database for reporting purposes (SQL Server 2008, SSIS)

    Developing core module for data management system (J2EE 5.0, Hibernate, JBoss 5 AS)

    Communication with all the stakeholders of the final product

  • Software Engineer - Consultant at Quality Objects, Madrid

    Technical lead for recommendation generator system based on collective intelligence algorithms for online commerces (EJB3, Hibernate, Glassfish and PostgreSQL)

    Technical lead responsible for middleware application able to integrate with GSA (Google Search Appliance) to enrich the user experience (Spring 2.5, iBatis, DWR, jQuery, Quartz, PostgreSql 8.2 and JBoss 4.2)

    Consulting at Ibermutuamur performing a security and quality audit on an EMR application nationwide (Together, CheckStyle, PMD, Findbug, Squid)

    Developing an application to manage telecommunication networks at Alcatel-Lucent (Swing, EJB 2.0, OpenLdap, JBoss 4.2).

  • Software Developer at Scientific Informatic Centre of Andalusia, Sevilla

    Building single sign-on authentication system for internal staff and researchers into the computing grid time slot reservations (OpenLdap, Shell Scripting, PHP)

  • Expert in Internet Applications and Web Services Development

    Post Graduate Course in University of Seville link

  • Developer at Roomates-Sevilla, Sevilla

    Developing a web application able to manage all the business involved in a small real state agency (ASP 2.0, SQL Server 2000, IIS)

  • Degree in Computer Engineering, Sevilla

    University of Seville link

  • Developer at Sevilla-Online, Sevilla

    Developing a web application to make real time reservations in hotels all over Spain (ASP 1.1,SQL Server 2000, IIS)